Branded merch is a great way for businesses, influencers and creators to promote themselves. From shirts to mugs, the right promotional items can help brands connect with customers on an emotional level and build a following. The key is to use merch strategically in order to achieve specific marketing goals, such as increasing sales or building brand awareness.

Many retailers use POP advertising to encourage impulse buys, promote special deals and communicate product information to shoppers. For example, you may have noticed a brightly colored poster in a checkout aisle that offers “buy one get one” deals or discounts on certain products. These displays are designed to grab the attention of customers who are already in the buying mood, so they can be very effective at boosting retail sales.

In contrast, POS (point of sale) refers to the entire shopping experience from the customer’s point of view and can encompass everything from product displays to the organization of the store itself. In other words, POS is what’s seen in a store or restaurant while POP is more specifically the marketing materials located on, around and at the point of purchase.

Both types of in-store marketing are important for retailers, but there is a difference in how they affect the shopping experience. POP marketing is all about creating a memorable in-store environment that makes it more likely that consumers will return. This could be as simple as adding overhead music to create a pleasant soundscape that matches the brand, or as complex as re-enchanting the physical space with unique design and architecture.

POS, on the other hand, is all about delivering the best possible transaction at the point of purchase. This includes ensuring the right products are on hand at the register, providing accurate and timely prices, and offering attractive promotions to stimulate sales.

The two methods of promoting in-store marketing are often used in tandem, with POS signage complementing POP display designs and vice versa. For example, a retailer might place impactful COVID-19 signage on or around all of their stores, which is designed to draw the attention of shoppers and reinforce the importance of staying safe during the pandemic.

In addition to these visible forms of in-store marketing, many retailers also utilize more subtle techniques to connect with customers during the shopping process. For instance, some stores play soothing music over the speaker system while others offer a free sample of a new product. This can help create an emotional connection with shoppers, which in turn increases their likelihood of returning to the store.

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